Main store:
Ruby Isle Shopping Center
2205 N. Calhoun Rd.
Brookfield, WI 53005

About Us

Our Story …………..

Marvin Robinson & George Schmidley
Marvin Robinson & George Schmidley
Marvin K. Robinson and George M. Schmidley realized a dream when Pop’n Spot Gourmet Popcorn first open in October 2014. Marvin, an experienced franchisee and owner of Charley’s Grill Subs (Brookfield Square Mall) combined talents with George M. Schmidley, a 30+ year investment advisor, to create the largest gourmet popcorn store in the Milwaukee Metro area.

Gourmet popcorn, after all, is one of the fastest growing sectors in the snack industry. Why? It’s one of America’s most healthy snacks – high in fiber, no GMO and most flavors gluten free. And who can resist the uniqueness of 50+ gourmet flavors from Dill Pickle, Wild Wings & Jalapeno Nacho, to delectable buttery caramels and sweet chocolate popcorn. Mmm!!!..... Our gourmet popcorn is made fresh daily in our open concept kitchen for all to see and then experience at our complimentary tasting bar – our goal is everyone leaves Pop’n Spot with their favorite flavor of popcorn.

Most importantly, our delicious gourmet popcorn provides a venue to give back to our community. From our diversified work force, to hosting many fundraisers, large and small, including with many local schools, churches and athletic teams. In addition, our own Hope Scholarship Fund helps our community’s promising youth, including in Milwaukee’s inner city, where the challenges are high.

So, thank you for visiting Pop’n Spot and helping us spread fun & kindness in our community through the shared love of delicious gourmet popcorn. Come again and tell your family & friends about Milwaukee’s best Pop’n Spot!!!

Marvin K Robinson & George M. Schmidley

Founders & Co-owners