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<h2>Mouthwatering Menu</h2>
<p>Here at Pop’n Spot, we blend mixes of old-fashioned caramel, sugar-coated banana pudding, spicy southwest jalapeño, and much more! Whatever you have a hankering for, we can pop it up. Check out our menu of over 30 flavor options below.</p>
<h3>Savory Seasoned Mixes</h3>
<p>Go a little bold with our savory selection! <img src="//" style="float: right;" width="330" /></p>
<li>Baked Potato &amp; Bacon</li>
<li>Cheesy Cheese</li>
<li>Dill Pickle</li>
<li>Parmesan Garlic</li>
<li>Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper</li>
<li>Sea Sale & Vinegar</li>
<li>Sour Cream & Chive</li>
<li>Southwest Jalapeño</li>
<li>White Cheddar</li>
<li>Wild Wings & Ranch</li>

<h3>Sweet Delight</h3>
<p>These flavors are perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth! <img src="//" style="float: right;" width="330" /></p>
<li>Birthday Cake</li>
<li>Dark Chocolate</li>
<li>Milk Chocolate</li>
<li>Peanut Butter &amp; Chocolate</li>
<li>White Chocolate</li>
<li>Peanut Butter &amp; Jelly</li>
<li>Heath Toffee Almond</li>
<li>Puppy Chow</li>
<li>Toffee Almond</li>
<h3>Fruity Fun</h3>
<p>Wishing it was still summertime? Now it is with our fruity blend!<img src="//" style="float: right;" width="330" /></p>
<li><span style="line-height: 1.2;">Apple</span></li>
<li>Banana Pudding</li>
<li>Caramel Apple</li>
<li>Lemon Meringue Pie</li>
<li>Watermelon<img src="//" style="float: right;" width="330" /></li>
<p>Mix things up with these scrumptious flavors!</p>
<li>Carmel &amp; Cheese</li>
<li>Butter, Carmel &amp; Cheese</li>
<li>Neapolitan: Mix of Chocolate, French Vanilla &amp; Strawberry</li>
<li>Rocky Road: Mix of Chocolate, Marshmallow &amp; Peanut Butter</li>
<h3>Classics<img src="//" width="330" style="float: right;" /></h3>
<p>Feeling nostalgic? Try our classic selection for some old-time fun!</p>
<li>Butter Pop</li>
<li>Cheesy Cheese</li>
<li>Carmel Crunch</li>
<li>Kettle Corn</li>
Whether it’s popcorn with a spicy kick, a salty delish taste, or dribbled in chocolate, we can help satisfy your cravings with our gourmet popcorn! Visit us at our Brookfield shop or place an order online today.